Anglican fellowships are nine month programs designed to help recent college graduates integrate their Christian faith with a vocational calling for business.

While each program has it's unique characteristics, they are all provide:

Learn more below about the Anglican Fellowships in Waco, TX, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Raleigh, NC, Greensboro, NC, Harrisonburg, VA, Roanoke, VA, Falls Church, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Sewickley, PA.

Anglican Global Mission Partners Agape Year Program


Anglican Global Mission Partners is now receiving application for the Fall 2017 Agape Year Program. This Gap year is a 9 month program (September to May) for recent high school graduates who seek to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ while engaging in His mission for the lost, the poor, and the uninvited both locally and globally. Participants in the program with live with other participants in community in Pittsburgh, PA for 5 months while receiving in-depth discipleship training and hands on ministry experience, as well as serve through a 4-6 week cross-cultural mission to see first hand just how big, diverse, and engaged God's global body really is. Learn more and apply here.

The Greensboro Fellows - Greensboro, North Carolina

The Greensboro Fellows is a Christian spiritual and professional development program for recent college graduates hosted by Church of the Redeemer (ACNA) in Greensboro, NC. A member of the nationwide Fellows Initiative 9-month program provides recent graduates time and space to explore their faith, their vocation, and the Lord's calling on their life. During the program year, Fellows participate in an internship in their field of interest, take 4 seminary-level classes, volunteer in nonprofit organizations throughout the city, and worship together in intentional community. In addition, Greensboro Fellows complete a leadership training module with the for Center for Creative Leadership, attend lectures and networking events with local business leaders, and cap the year with a 2-week worship and mission trip to Rwanda.

Our vision is a city that disciples, develops and sends young Christ-followers into ministry and the marketplace fully equipped to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

Our mission is to provide recent college graduates with a consistent environment of growth and opportunity to live a life fully devoted to Christ.

For more information, visit www.greensborofellows.com , discover more in the latest brochure, or contact:

Buddy Hocutt

Assistant Director

Greensboro Fellows

(814) 931-4978


Blue Ridge Fellows Program - Roanoke, VA

The Blue Ridge Fellows Program is a postgraduate Christian leadership development program for recent college graduates who are entering the professional work force. Our goal is to help fellows Start Well. The 9-month Fellows Program (September-late May) immerses fellows in a seamless life of faith.

The Fellows Program is based at Church of the Holy Spirit, a large, flourishing Anglican congregation worshiping in Roanoke, Virginia. Each year 8-10 highly qualified men and women are invited to be fellows. Numerous carefully planned experiences shape the fellows year:

Host Family
Each fellow lives with a "host family" from Church of the Holy Spirit. They not only receive room and board, but are a welcome guest in a family where they can see the gospel lived out.

Fellows are just beginning their professional careers. As such, this is not a gap year, but rather their first year of a fellow’s new vocation. To that end, we use our extensive connections to assist fellows in finding paid professional internships in their fields of study. Fellows work 8 hour days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. $10-12 an hour is typical.

Church Involvement
Because we want fellows to develop the habits of deep engagement at their church, each serves as a volunteer leader in CHS’s children or student ministry where they are an integral part of the development of younger believers.

Each semester the fellows are enrolled in one seminary course where they develop their minds and deepen their theological understanding.

Christocentric Bible Study
Week by week, fellows are trained to study each genre of scripture Christocentrically, so that their hearts might burn within them, as Christ is revealed.

Round Table
Each week fellows gather to discuss major issues of cultural engagement over a meal at the home of the directors, exploring how faith in Christ matters in every area of life.

Over the course of the year fellows also are mentored, go on a mission trip, attend multiple retreats and practice what they learn across all aspects of life.

Blue Ridge Fellows learn that a mature faith in Christ is a seamless faith; following Christ on a Sunday is no different than following him on a Monday. As a result of the program they enter our vocations, marriages–indeed all of life–uniquely equipped to live an integrated life.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at BlueRidgeFellows.org.

Learn more at BlueRidgeFellows.org. Or watch our video at BlueRidgeFellows.org/startwell

Discipleship Training School at Church of the Resurrection

The International Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America and Youth with a Mission (YWAM) have partnered to launch a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Texas. We are eager to recruit Anglican young people (18+) but, of course, welcome Christians from other backgrounds.

YWAM has been one of the most effective vehicles for preparing, equipping, and mobilizing people to engage in mission around the world. Its DTS is designed to help students understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus, and identify their unique gifts and purposes to use in missions.

Learn more at here.

New City Fellows - Raleigh, NC

Mission & Vision
New City Fellows seeks to equip young professionals to be gospel-shaped leaders in the social, cultural and spiritual renewal of Raleigh. Through this intense training program, fellows develop the theological, spiritual, and relational foundations necessary for the succesful integration of faith and work.

Gospel Worldview
Through theological study and reflection, New City Fellows helps develop a robust vision for how the Gospel influences every aspect of the participants’ lives, and how they can engage the rapidly changing and diverse culture of Raleigh.

Spiritual Growth
New City Fellows fosters personal and spiritual growth through daily devotions, spiritual disciplines, and retreats as well as extensive teaching, readings and study.

Community Formation
New City Fellows is a community of peers from diverse vocations and backgrounds who build strong Gospel-centered relationships with one another through group discussion and reflection on real-life experiences. Fellows also have access to local church leaders and mentors.

Learn more at newcityfellows.org.

Pittsburgh Fellows - Sewickley, PA

Mission & Vision
Pittsburgh Fellows will promote the well-being of the whole of the community of Pittsburgh by training college graduates to be values-driven, ethical business leaders who integrate Christian faith with a vocational calling for business.

Pittsburgh Fellows was founded in 2005 with the goal of bringing to Pittsburgh the "best and the brightest college graduates" who desire to integrate their Christian faith with their calling to business. Since the first graduating class of 2006, the program now has 100+ alumni, and over 70 of them are still serving in the greater Pittsburgh region. The program has expanded much since the first class of eight fellows to now an average of 15-17 in each class and over 100 connected businesses that employ fellows and alumni.

Structure of the Program
Each Fellow is set up with a fellowship at a Pittburgh business during the initial nine-month program. The Fellows work four days a week and take graduate-level classes on Friday through Trinity School for Ministry. During the week, the Fellows also meet for Bible study and for service opportunities. The Fellows live in communal housing in Sewickley and worship together at St. Stephen's Church. Approximately twice a month there are other activities, including networking events, retreats, and service opportunities. Upon completion of the program, many of the Fellows stay with their current employers and connect with the alumni who continue to live and work in the city.

Learn more at pittsburghfellows.com.

The Falls Church Fellows Program - Falls Church, VA

What We Do

The Falls Church Fellows Program is comprised of the following elements:

  1. Community – Fellows are a diverse community of 12-13 recent college graduates who desire to live seamless Christian lives in all areas. Fellows START WELL: They meet regularly to cook and eat together; to pray and study together; and to challenge, celebrate, and serve one another.
  2. Church – Fellows engage in the life of TFCA where they learn, serve, and are inspired to apply themselves fully to lives of deep faith. The local church provides the physical and spiritual sustenance for the individual and communal Christian life.
  3. Work – Fellows are placed into jobs within their fields of interest in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area job market.
  4. Seminars – Fellows are exposed to national and community leaders who work out their faith in a wide range of professions.
  5. Mentors – Each Fellow is matched with an older mentor from the church community to serve as a patient ear and wise voice throughout the program.
  6. Discipleship – All Fellows serve as small group leaders in TFCA’s Youth Ministry. Internships in the Youth Ministry are also available for two Fellows every year.
  7. Theological Study – Fellows participate in a year-long Bible Study led by a qualified facilitator. In addition, they enroll in six hours of biblical/theological coursework from Reformed Theological Seminary. These graduate credits are eligible for transfer to other U.S. seminaries. Fellows also attend several weekend teaching retreats throughout the year, including a week-long “Knowing and Doing” retreat in early January with an acclaimed vocational counselor.
  8. Family – Each Fellow lives with a host family in the community where room and board is provided at no cost. It is often the case that Fellows and their host families develop close, long-lasting relationships.


Week At A Glance

Monday: Seminary Education & Roundtable
Monday morning is devoted to graduate level seminary courses. On Monday evenings, the Fellows get together with the Program Coordinator for dinner and “roundtable” discussion. This time is devoted to prayer, sharing personal histories, and discussing points of view and lessons learned.

Tuesday-Thursday: Workplace
The Fellows hold part-time positions in fields related to their interests: business, law, education, medicine, government, youth ministry, etc. Workplace experience should provide the Fellow with the opportunity to:

  1. Evaluate gifts and interests in a specific career field,
  2. Experience a specific job position with relevant responsibilities and accountability,
  3. Apply biblical principles on the job, and
  4. Develop professional and kingdom relationships for the future.

Friday: Bible Study, Seminars & Community Service
The Fellows begin Friday mornings with a time of Biblical study systematically exploring how the Old and New Testaments form a cohesive story of Scripture, and how this Great Story changes how we live as the people of God. Following Bible study, the Fellows spend seminar time with guest presenters, experts in their fields of endeavor. This guest lecture series is designed to provide the opportunity for Fellows to reflect deeply on the marketplace in the context of faith. Community service is an important aspect of the Program as an introduction to the world of missions. Beginning with an urban immersion weekend retreat, Fellows are given opportunities to serve the underprivileged community within and outside of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Sunday: Crossroads/Cornerstone Student Ministry
Crossroads/Cornerstone Student Ministry brings together more than four hundred middle school and high school students. Fellows lead a middle school or high school small group depending on need and interest. On Tuesday nights they participate in the youth ministry’s Volunteer Staff Meeting for training.

Learn more at fallschurchfellows.com.

Fellows Program, Atlanta, GA

Fellows will be fully integrated staff members from June 2018 through May 2019 and will work 25 hours per week, receiving a stipend of $1250 per month. The program is structured to offer the Fellow an emphasis in one of our four areas of mission: worship, community, influence and formation.

The Fellow will allocate a majority of their time to the selected area of emphasis which offers in-depth experience within that area of church life as well as mentorship by the primary pastoral leader who oversees that area at Trinity.

In the remaining 3 areas, the Fellow will receive mentoring on a rotational basis from the respective leaders as well as rotations in areas such as church & pastoral leadership, preaching, teaching and pastoral care.

For more information, please email Brad Mauldin at brad@atltrinity.org.

Apply Now here.

Worship Residency, Atlanta, GA

Trinity's Worship Residency is a one-year intensive for worship leaders who desire to grow in both the practice and theology of leading worship. It is designed to help the applicant discern a potential call to ministry and to provide intentional exposure to ministry leadership, training, and equipping in a growing, multi-parish, urban church. The applicant will be a fully integrated staff member, work 20-25 hours per week, and receive a monthly stipend.

For more information, please visit here.

Brazos Fellows

Brazos Fellows is a nine-month residential fellowship established alongside Christ Church Waco to prepare women and men for lives of mature Christian discipleship. Through a unique combination of theological training, spiritual disciplines, vocational discernment, and shared life, fellows gear up for future study, work, and ministry.

Launching in August 2018 as a partnership between Christ Church Waco and Paul and Paige Gutacker, the program serves recent college graduates and others who are considering future work in the academy, the church, or other areas of ministry and service (lay or ordained). Ultimately, Brazos Fellows hopes for its fellows to love God with their heart, soul, and mind, and to love their neighbor as themselves. Fellows’ nine months together will prepare them to step forward with confidence and a desire to follow Christ in their life and work.

For more information, and to apply, visit https://www.brazosfellows.com/

Incarnation Fellows Program, Harrisonburg, VA


Sponsored by the Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the Incarnation Fellows Program is a nine month spiritual formation and vocational discernment program for young adults who have recently graduated from college or graduate school. Whether one's vocational calling is to work in the church or in one of the many sectors of God's great world (business, education, politics, finance, art, etc.), the Incarnation Fellows Program seeks to prepare and equip Fellows to live their entire lives in faithful response to Jesus and his Kingdom.

Types of Fellows:

Marketplace Fellows work toward a vocation in the marketplace, the public square, or academy. At the core of our Fellows program is the commitment to consider how the Lordship of Jesus Christ impacts every area of life. Marketplace Fellows spend up to half of their week in a marketplace internship or part-time paid professional position in the area of their vocational interest.

Ecclesial Fellows are pursuing a vocation in the church. Ecclesial Fellows are paid interns with Church of the Incarnation and have the opportunity to have leadership in an area in the life of the church as they discern a call to future work in the church and prepare for either seminary or ordination.

Program Features:


Through assigned reading, discussions, lectures, and projects you will study in four areas: your particular vocation, the Bible, Christian World and Life View, and Cultural Engagement. The goal is to provide a biblically faithful, theologically rich, intellectually robust, and fully integrated vision for Christian thought and life.


Service lies at the heart of what it means to be like Jesus and thus truly human. Fellows are given opportunities for service within Church of the Incarnation including youth and children’s ministries, helping with various tasks in the church office, and assisting with worship.


We pause to be with God three times a day to remember and spend time in communion with him engaging God through Scripture, silence, meditation, and prayer.


With formal aptitude testing and other program features including monthly sessions of spiritual direction the Incarnation Fellows program is designed to deepen your discernment of God’s calling for your future career and relationships.


Through paid vacation and holidays, and daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms of the Christian calendar, Incarnation Fellows learn how to live a healthy, balanced life.


Harrisonburg is a diverse and welcoming small city, with two universities and a large refugee/immigrant population. As part of their study our Fellows engage in twice-monthly book discussions that take place after dinner in homes of congregation or community members. This provides an amazing way to not only connect inter-generationally but engage our church, our city, and start life-changing conversations.


Each Fellow has the option of living with a host family from the church community. If the Fellow chooses this option, room and board are provided at no cost. Fellows are responsible for their own car and health insurance. Before entering the program, each Fellow is required to raise $11,100. This will cover a salary of $800 per month and program costs (retreats, career evaluation, books/ study materials, conferences, administrative expenses, etc.) Note: A Fellow who does not live with a host family, must raise $18,850. In addition to the program costs outlined above, this will cover a salary of $1,700 per month so that Fellows can cover room and board expenses on their own.

Apply to be a Fellow:

The Incarnation Fellows program has a rolling admissions policy, and the spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, notify Incarnation’s Parish Administrator Mike Medley at mike@theincarnation.org, call the church office at 540-432-5533, or visit our website to request an application.

The Boston Fellows - Boston, MA

The Boston Fellows is a nine-month program for young professionals seeking to cultivate the insights and spiritual habits necessary for meaningful vocation within a cohort of peers, spiritual leaders, and professional mentors through the local church.

The Fellows program runs Labor Day to Memorial Day. In these nine months, Fellows engage seminal texts for a theology of work and culture: God’s commitment to his Creation, the importance he gives to their work, why the needs of the most vulnerable matter to God, our role in culture-making, and how to bring change and maintain hope in a world of fallen institutions. Once a week, Fellows gather in small groups to share food, discuss the week's readings, apply truth to their lives, pray for and encourage each other. Once a month the groups come together for in-depth teaching from subject-matter experts.

Spiritual Life:
Strengthening our insights and capacity is only part of the work. Personal growth requires good soil and cultivation. The heart of the Boston Fellows program is the development of habits of the heart, classic spiritual disciplines and perspectives to help you grow long beyond the program year. It’s all off-the-job training. Just as athletes and soldiers and surgeons practice their skills until these become literally a “second nature,” so we entrench ourselves in practices designed to form our souls.

Intentional Community:
It really does make all the difference. Our tech-savvy, social-media empowered world has connected ideas, people, and resources in ways our world has never experienced before. The darker side of this hyper-connectivity, many digital natives regretfully realize, is a life of fragmented identities and superficial relationships. Join a group of peers committed to something much more, eternal ends.

For more information, visit www.bostonfellows.com