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Employer: Church of the Incarnation, Harrisonburg, VA

Full Time

Closes: When position is filled


Sam Fornecker, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Job Summary:

Flourishing pastors wear several hats: disciple, prophet, shepherd, steward, missionary, and priest. Learning to wear these hats well is essential to a fruitful future in senior church leadership. We are looking for a curate who desires to advance in these six aspects of Christian leadership by immersion in the following diverse and wide-ranging responsibilities: (1) Ministry–work closely with the Rector and Associate Rector in pastoral leadership of the church, while developing a specialized ministry competency; (2) Leadership–play an active role in developing, communicating, and stewarding the vision of the church; (3) Practical–gain competencies and institutional intelligence necessary to partner with the church’s staff and equip its volunteer teams; (4) Personal–develop spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial strategies for long-term fruitfulness in senior church leadership.