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Employer: Church of the Advent, Denver, CO

Full Time

Closes: May 1, 2019


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Job Summary:

Church of the Advent in Denver, Colorado is in a unique situation as we look for our next rector to lead and serve with us. Our current rector has glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, and as a result, we are looking for someone initially to come alongside him as a vicar and become part of the life of the church, and then transition into the role of rector when the time comes. 
Hours: Full Time (44 hours/week)
Compensation: $75,000 and benefits
Requirements: •    Ordination or willingness to pursue ordination as a priest in the ACNA •      Willingness and ability to join the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains Expected Characteristics: •  Significant ministry experience •    Strong relationship with Jesus, rooted in prayer and attentiveness to the grace and truth of God revealed in scripture •      Deep concern for the formation of God’s people in the likeness of Christ through growing trust in the gospel •  Effective preacher who invites insight and conviction from scripture by focusing on the grace and truth of the gospel • Effective leader who enjoys equipping and releasing leaders to serve in various capacities, including managing a staff team and volunteers •  Emotionally healthy man who is able to recognize his weaknesses and deal with them appropriately in a community of grace and truth •  Relationally-gifted pastor who expresses warmth and care for others and is willing to walk with individuals, and potentially the entire congregation, through seasons of grief and loss •    Missionally-attentive leader who will raise up and equip others to serve and would be willing to move into the neighborhood to promote our connections with Villa Park •      Gracious and thoughtful leader who holds to core convictions of the faith boldly and unreservedly but is able to walk through controversial issues in a manner that allows a variety of opinions to be held amongst God’s people •    Flexibility and humility to assume leadership at a pace that may be slower or faster than anticipated
Stage 1: Vicar (6-12 months perhaps, but depends on rector/church needs and vicar readiness, which is true for all stages) •  Relationally connect with the congregation: Meet weekly with at least one family to get to know them • Learn about Relational Discipleship (RD) and our approach to spiritual formation in general —Walk through RD as a participant.—Walk through RD with someone as a guide. •  Develop awareness of the ministry of the congregation —Attend and contribute to weekly leadership team meetings.—Meet weekly with rector (and staff) to discuss the ministry of Advent. •  Support the ministry of the rector —Preach 1-2 times per month.—Meet and follow up with newcomers.—Provide pastoral care by meeting with members as needed. •  Assist with and develop outreach ministry in the Villa Park Neighborhood —Work with outreach volunteers to develop our outreach efforts.—Discern new ways to connect with the neighborhood and pursue them. •    Assist with Children’s Ministry —Provide pastoral care for parents.—Develop classes and/or forums to support parents in their ministry.—Serve within the Children’s Ministry regularly. 

Stage 2: Vicar (1 year perhaps)  A flexible, transitionary stage, similar to stage 1, but with added responsibilities to facilitate the move towards becoming rector. We envision this to include attending vestry meetings and helping to set vision and direction for the congregation, including developing sermon series and overseeing staff performance in conjunction with the rector. Also, this will likely mean teaching a Summer Studies class and leading a small group. Hours will be reduced in other areas as needed. 

Stage 3: Rector (Rector job description below)
Purpose: To oversee and develop all aspects of the ministry of Advent in a manner which fulfills its mission and aligns with its vision and values Reports to: Vestry (Church Board)
Hours: 44/week
Responsibilities: 1.  Vision, Strategy, and Goals a. Clarify vision and strategies for Advent through prayerful interaction with God, staff, and congregation. b.  Set goals and objectives which align with vision and strategies. c.    Communicate vision, strategies, and goals with staff and congregation in clear and compelling ways, both written and verbal. d. Oversee the implementation of vision and strategies by outlining priorities, delegating responsibilities, and funding efforts appropriately. e. Evaluate the implementation of vision and strategies by assessing effectiveness in efforts to fulfill goals and objectives.   
2.  Leadership Development a.  Recognize, recruit, train, organize, and oversee leaders in all areas of ministry. As needed, prepare aspirants for ordination. b.    Oversee all areas of ministry at Advent, including our leadership teams (Worship, Community, Formation, Mission, Small Groups, and Children’s Ministry). Be intimately aware of what is happening and needs to happen for effective ministry to take shape in each area. c.    Meet quarterly with each team to assess what has been done and to develop vision for what needs to be done. d.  Meet with core leaders on each team quarterly to encourage and strengthen them in their labor. e.    Recognize new leaders and come alongside them to equip and authorize them to do the work God has given them to do. f.  Meet with each staff member in person, weekly or bi-weekly. g.  Meet with each deacon at least quarterly, if not a staff member. h.    Meet with each small group leader in person at least quarterly. i.    Identify, recruit, train, and deploy new small group leaders as well as potential new ministry leaders in the areas of formation, worship, community, and mission. j.  Provide quarterly performance evaluations for all direct reports (pastoral staff). 
3.  Worship a.  Oversee and work with the Worship Leader and deacons to develop liturgy, music, and preaching plans for worship. Recruit and develop volunteers and teams as necessary. b.  Preach at least every-other week, typically ⅗ weeks.  c.  Lead Sunday morning Worship, planning out the service(s) and communicating the theme with the Worship Leader so as to provide a coherent, integrated vision of God and his grace through the service. d.  Assist with preparations for worship, including prayer.
4.  Mission a.  Lead quarterly Mission Team meetings. b.      Develop and oversee team in planning and implementation of quarterly strategies for mission at Advent. c.    Work with mission team leader(s) to develop overarching vision and strategies for Advent’s mission to Villa Park and beyond. 
5.  Formation a. Lead quarterly Formation Team meetings.  b.    Develop and oversee Formation Team in planning and implementation of quarterly strategies for formation at Advent.  c. Promote and oversee Relational Discipleship and Gospel Friendship relationships within the congregation.  d.  Lead people through the Relational Discipleship process. e.    Meet with Small Group leaders quarterly to discuss formation efforts. f.      Participate in a Small Group or Gospel Friendship group. g.    Oversee Summer Studies classes, possibly teaching one. h.    Prepare people for baptism and confirmation. i. Oversee Children’s Ministry leader and work with him/her to promote and fulfill Advent’s vision for the discipleship of families. j.  Teach Anglican theology and practice so as to facilitate full participation in our worship and life together. 
6.  Hospitality, Communication, and Recruitment a.    Oversee Connecting Pastor to facilitate the connection of visitors into the Advent community, including hospitality, communication, and recruitment. b. Greet visitors and newcomers on Sundays. Take them to coffee or lunch. c.    Host and/or lead Newcomer Brunches. d.  Work with Connecting Pastor to ensure that Sunday hospitality needs are met, including greeters, treats, and coffee. e. Meet weekly with Connecting Pastor to promote communication efforts via bulletins, fliers, announcements, emails, website, and social media.  f.    Track newcomers with staff to raise awareness and encourage relational and missional connection with staff and congregation. 
7.  Finances and Policy a.    Work with Vestry to meet the financial and policy needs of the church in accordance with its mission, vision, and goals.  b.  Work with treasurer and bookkeeper to oversee weekly, monthly, and yearly financial reports. c. Work with Connecting Pastor and Vestry to ensure policies and practices of the church are in line with stated goals, legal, and safety requirements. d. Work with Vestry Warden to plan agenda, and meet monthly with Vestry to review finances and develop strategies for increasing effectiveness.
8.  Pastoral Care a.    Provide pastoral counseling for basic personal and relational needs relating, but not limited to, marriage, vocation, family, self-awareness, boundaries, etc.  b.    Visit, call, and email the sick, bereaved, discouraged, distressed, and aged to encourage and support them with the love and care of Christ. c. Host congregants at home and meet them for coffee/lunch simply for the purpose of being pastorally-aware of how they are doing and to deepen relational connections. 
9.  Interchurch Relationships a. Participate in ACNA community gatherings, both nationally and regionally. b.  Meet with the Bishop every other month. c.    Participate in gatherings of Anglican churches in the Rocky Mountain region, and seek to facilitate reconciliation and healing among them. d.  Pursue relations with other churches in Villa Park and the broader Denver area for the cause of mutual encouragement and mission. 
10.  Administrative a.    Ensure that the administrative needs of the church are fulfilled through oversight of the Connecting Pastor, Bookkeeper, and Buildings Manager, including marketing, building management, finances, and volunteer management. b.      Work with Connecting Pastor to ensure that all records of the church, including baptisms, confirmations, meeting minutes, and other church documents are properly maintained.  Utilize former rector, who will become part-time, as needed for pastoral care, preaching, and discipleship/mentoring.