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Employer: Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Chillicothe, OH

Full Time

Closes: When position is filled


Gregory Creech, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Job Summary:

Good Shepherd Anglican Church is a small, fourteen-year-old parish located in a rented storefront building in a revitalized business section of historic Chillicothe, Ohio, a city of 21,900 in south central Ohio. We started in August, 2004 as an act of faith by a group of Episcopalians and their rector who desired to remain faithful to traditional, orthodox beliefs and practices. We fully agree with the Seven Theological Elements of the Anglican Way as expressed by the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). We are currently affiliated with the Great Lakes Diocese of the ACNA. We are seeking a rector who professes faith in Jesus Christ alone and holds a strong belief in the core doctrine of the Christian faith. He must love God, look to the Bible as the fully-reliable authority for faith and practice and have a passion for both discipling God’s people and reaching the lost. He will practice and teach others how to obey God’s Word in the midst of the culture and will be bold in speaking the Truth with grace and love. We desire a spiritually mature leader who maintains a faithful devotional life, consistently prays for the parish and its ministries and who strives to keep the parish Christ-centered in our life together as we grow in the knowledge and love of God. We are praying for and seeking a rector who acknowledges and with humble obedience submits to God’s call on his life wherever it may lead.