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Employer: Redeemer Reformed Episcopal Church


Closes: When position is filled


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Job Summary:

Rector of urban parish in Jersey City, New Jersey.

New Redeemer Reformed Episcopal Church is searching for a
new pastor to replace Rev. John J. Milligan who has retired!
Located in the Tri-State area of Jersey City, our Church requires a
minister who can meet a variety of needs within our Church and
New Redeemer was founded in 1963 by Rev. Booker T. Lloyd who retired after 38
years of stewardship. During his last 10 years as Pastor, Rev. Lloyd groomed John
Milligan to replace him, and he has given us 16 wonderful years of dedicated ministry
since his August 5, 2000 Ordination. So as you can see, longevity with our Christian
leaders has been our mantra. This is our first formal search for a Pastor in the life of
this Church!
We are a warm, family-oriented Church mostly comprised of mature adult parishioners
that includes a dedicated number of families who have served this Church for decades.
We have a strong Vestry Board who is eager to serve and support the Pastor. Proudly,
we are also known for having one of the best music departments in Jersey City!
Our ideal candidate would be a charismatic personality, educated and seminary-trained
by a formal accredited theological seminary. He must have an instructional style of
preaching, coupled with a willingness to bring ideas for Church growth, worship, and a
strong belief in youth and community outreach.
If you are interested, or if you know of anyone that might be interested in this position,
please send us a resume or contact our Search Committee at:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
– OR –
New Redeemer R.E. Church
734 Ocean Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07305