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Assembly 2017
Texts for Common Prayer

Job Listings


Employer: Church of Christ The King (Evanston, IL)


Closes: February 16, 2018


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Job Summary:

Our mandate is to call a priest who can lead The Church of Christ The King on Sunday as well as spend several hours per week on activities that help church attendance grow.  The Rector’s responsibilities
1.  Presider at the Table: administering the sacraments weekly
2.  Preacher: preach weekly
3.  Liturgist: leading and shaping of liturgy
4.  Participant in the vestry
5.  Evangelist: Play an active role in shaping reach out activities, make disciples and grow the congregation. 
6.  Be an example: living a life that is free from controversy and stewarding yourself in personal time, energy, regular sabbath and vocation.

History & Clergy

The Church of Christ the King was formed by a group of people who left the Episcopal Church. Because they felt an increase of apostacy in the global Episcopal Church. In March of 2004. The Church of Christ the King was incorporated followed by the first service being held in June of that year. The first services were led by Fr Joe Murphy. Geoff Holt, an ordained Anglican priest, became Rector in 2005 and served the congregation for several years before returning home to New Zealand. Other rectors have served for short periods of time, most recently Fr. James McCaskill.

Services & Music

In the first years the congregation used the 1979 version of the book of common prayer. This was later replaced by a careful modernized version of the original form of 1662. Fr. James McCaskill initiated use of ACNA liturgy and experimented innovation such as foot washing, monthly family service, and healing services. The congregation is blessed with very talented musicians. Apart from the weekly organ music we have trombone, flute, violin, piano and our Sunday school choir perform during the holiday season.

Mission & Outreach

Because our church is at the edge of Northwestern University campus, the Church of Christ the King has always supported ministry partners at the campus. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, who sponsors small Bible-study groups is one of them. In 2016 the congregation spend one Saturday packing meals for Feed My Starving Children, which is something we intend to repeat in the coming years.  In the early summer of 2017 the congregation got together to discuss its purpose in the community. These discussions provided two outcomes. First, the congregation, although small, would like to spend half a day per month at a mission site. Second, we adopted a temporarily mission statement: To share the love of Jesus through traditional, liturgical worship. The second half of 2017 will be used put more structure around what the mission will look like.


A weekly Sunday school class is held for the younger generation. The “Deep Blue Sunday School Curriculum” published by the United Methodist Church is currently used. During the 2017 Lenten season a group read and discussed several chapters of The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus by Fleming Rutledge. There is a desire for more adult bible study and discussion.