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Employer: Christ the Foundation Anglican Church (Kailua, HI, Oahu)

Full Time

Closes: When position is filled


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Job Summary:

Job Summary: The Planter/Rector will accept a unique full-time opportunity to plant an Anglican Church on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The planter and work will reside under the authority of the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains (ACNA) and its bishop as well as in full partnership with Christ the Foundation Anglican Church (Kailua, Oahu). As a note, this is a true “parachute drop” type plant (with a small few but strategic growing relationships) and in an area with great need for orthodox Christian mission.  The Planter’s task will be to create, establish, and build an Anglican parish on the island of Maui, an island which has a void of orthodox liturgical/historical Protestant presence. As it is such a unique task and position, the candidate will need to possess a real history of assuming risk, cross-cultural multi-ethnic affinity, and a familiarity/love for tropic climate and atmosphere. An understanding and familiarity with an extreme cost of living will also prove most helpful. In addition, though there could be exceptions, it is highly recommended that the applicant have experience in a true church-planting context (i.e. the creation and development of a congregation from start-up). 
Maui Profile: Though globally popular, Maui is a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a total population of around 150,000 residents, a population which is divided up into three somewhat distinct and separate spread-out communities. The island is built upon and sustained through the tourism industry. Two of the three communities are beach-front tourism and one is pre-dominantly local.  The great challenges of the community are a largely areligious culture, a “paradise” mindset, and, possibly greatest of all, balancing the tension between a massively transient community with that of a local base that distrusts “outsiders.”  Any success will be highly dependent on an ability to gain trust and set down one’s feet with deep intention and care. Maui is astonishingly beautiful and, though it comes with weaknesses, is also a place with a slow pace of life and lowered expectations of “production.” 
Planter Responsibilities:  The Planter is responsible for the creation, development, and mission/vision of an entirely new project/work on the island of Maui. 
Rector Responsibilities:  The Rector is responsible for leading the life of the congregation, overseeing and appointing all staff (paid or volunteer), and shaping and driving the mission of the church.
Qualifications and Education Requirements: a Master’s degree in theology and, preferably, already possessing priestly orders in the Anglican Church in North America