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Director of Communications and Marketing

Employer: Mosaic Anglican Church (Imperial, PA)


Closes: When position is filled


Mrs. Joanne Canan .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Job Summary:

To tell the Mosaic’s story in such a way that people are inspired to become part of the church community.
Values of Communications at Mosaic
• Branding
People should easily recognize print and electronic material as being from Mosaic.
• Clarity & Simplicity
People should be able to easily understand what is being communicated.
• Consistency and Frequency
Reinforce Mosaic’s story on a consistent and timely basis using available media, electronic and print.
• Excellence
The end-products which communicate Mosaic’s story are done with precision and professional quality.

Undergraduate degree preferred, but not required.
Ability to articulate the Gospel message within the context of communication materials.
Computer skills required
Adobe CS6
Experience with graphic design, preferred.
Excellent writing skills.
Interpersonal and communication skills required.
Ability to effectively participate as part of a team.
Ability to recruit team members and lead a communications team comprised of volunteers. Project management skills.

Become a regular attender of Mosaic Church.
Attend and contribute to both monthly staff meetings and creative team meetings.
Develop and work within an approved budget.

Internal Communications
• Design regular publications in a timely, accurate and presentable manner. Publications include but not limited to Life Together, News & Notes, Visitor and ministry brochures, posters and other events.
• Responsible for the coordination of the photography of Mosaic events for inclusion in the intranet site, ministry publications.
• Organize and maintain a media archive and electronic media database.
• Oversee and collaborate with volunteers and staff regarding publications and/or media projects as needed.
• Coordinate with other ministry leaders resulting in a consistent way of communicating Mosaic’s story.
• Delegate specific tasks to the administrative assistant.
• Leadership of First Impressions Team: Recruit and train greeters, parking ministry, and announcer.

External Communications
• Consistently oversee the development and maintenance of the Mosaic web site and ensure that it is accurate, up to date, attractive, and thorough.
• Maintain Mosaic’s social media and develop creative uses of the page.
• Develop relationships with local newspaper reporters and other media personalities.
• Create, develop and maintain professional, attractive, and accurate logo(s), letterhead, signage, and other print and digital media associated with Mosaic.
• Negotiate and coordinate print production and other media related processes with outside vendors as needed.
• Coordinate efforts to advertise church activities, functions, services and general information to the local community.
• Oversight of Mosaic’s participation in North Fayette Community Days.

For a detailed job description, click here: Mosaic Communications Job Description.pdf