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Assembly 2017
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Assembly 2017
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Executive Pastor

Employer: Wellspring Church (Englewood, CO)

Full Time

Closes: When position is filled


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Job Summary:

The Executive Pastor serves the church by ensuring that the church’s structure, strategy and operations are aligned to its vision and calling. The Executive Pastor works directly with the Senior Pastor and Board of Directors to make this unique contribution. The Executive Pastor assumes responsibility for day-to-day leadership, decision-making and strategic planning, allowing the Senior Pastor to focus on his role as preacher, pastor and vision-caster.

Key Contributions
The contribution of the Executive Pastor is comprised of the following four areas. The bullet points provided for each contribution should not be considered exhaustive.
1. Overseer of Church-wide Ministry
Ensures the direction, initiatives and daily operations of the church are in line with Wellspring’s vision.
• Partners with the Senior Pastor and Board in developing long-term strategic plans that carry out God’s vision and calling for Wellspring Church.
• Serves as the first representative for the Senior Pastor in his absence.
• Teams with staff members to incite vision, develop, empower, implement and measure the outcomes of specific ministry initiatives.
• Reports on the progress and development of ministries to the Senior Pastor and Board.
2. Minister of Staff
Lead and encourage the church staff to continually develop themselves so they can make the most significant contribution to Wellspring’s vision and Christ’s Kingdom.
• Facilitates and or coordinates regular staff meetings to promote staff sharing their spiritual walk and personal lives with one another.
• Utilizes a variety of strategies to foster communication among staff and encourage team work that are consistent with Wellspring’s vision.
• Meets regularly with staff to review observations and assist with personal and ministry refinement.
• Conducts performance evaluations on a regular basis in a consistent and meaningful manner.
3. Administrator of Resources
Oversee’s that the church’s resources are utilized to serve its vision and ministry initiatives with the greatest stewardship and integrity possible.
• Oversees the church’s financial management ensuring appropriate accountability.
• Manages the allocation of resources used by staff according to predetermined values, priorities and strategies.
• Oversees church facilities including facility management, maintenance and future expansion.
• Ensures that appropriate and fair compensation packages are provided for staff and that compensation relates to the actual and anticipated contribution of individual staff members.
• Oversees the human resource management of the church in compliance with federal, state and local regulations and the church’s current Staff Handbook and Guidelines.
4. Minister in Congregation
Serves as a genuine pastor on Wellspring’s staff by assessing the needs of the congregation and making contributions to fulfill those needs.
• Assists with congregational care needs as it relates to church leaders and their families.
• Builds rapport and confidence in the church among the church family by being constantly present, visible, and approachable at church events.
• Should the gift of preaching be present, serves among the pool of those on staff apt to preach in the absence of the Senior Pastor.
5. Personal Competencies
Competencies of the Executive Pastor will include, but are not limited to, the following list. Each point below is considered necessary if the Executive Pastor is to be able to model authentic Christianity and live the administrator/overseer role responsibilities.
• Models a living faith in Christ through a vibrant spiritual walk, godly leadership within his/her family and a character that is unmistakably humble, authentic and passionate about serving Christ.
• Has faith that is consistent with and owns our beliefs of faith.
• Devotes an appropriate amount of time for personal Bible study, prayer and other spiritual disciplines.
• Displays a heart for non-Christians, understands their needs and prioritizes being an example to them in practical application of the Christian faith.
They will be able to cite significant experience in leading leaders, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act upon that vision and establishing the processes needed to obtain that vision.
• Beliefs consistent with Anglican theology and practice.
• Models the ability to be a positive, personable and energetic leader.
• Exercises strong organizational development and leadership skills, including proficient delegation and follow-up.
• Demonstrates high communication skills.
• Exercises sound judgment and deals well with change as both an effective team member and team leader.
• Has proficient working knowledge of computers and general office equipment.
• Continually develops leadership skills through personal study and participation in professional and spiritual growth conferences and personal retreats. This is a full-time position.
Benefits include health and life insurance, cell phone usage and a computer.
Salary is commensurate with experience.
To be considered for this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to Bob Hirsch at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).