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Employer: Living Faith Anglican Church (Tempe, AZ)

Full Time

Closes: When position is filled


Jeff Bisgrove .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 602-653-9996

Job Summary:

Living Faith Anglican is searching for a Rector who is passionate about Jesus with a clear, concrete and applied vision that addresses the calling of lay people to be engaged personally in mission every day. This person will have demonstrated the capacity and the habits of equipping others and empowering them for mission and ministry through team building, including clergy and lay people, using collaborative methods of leadership and decision making. The people of Living Faith want a rector who will join and lead them in a journey to strive to follow and become more like Jesus every day with God’s help.

Living Faith is a dynamic church in Tempe, Arizona in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. We are a clergy-led, lay-driven congregation of about 150 people that fully embraces the three streams of Anglicanism. We have a new congregation being planted at Arizona State University — the largest university in the U.S. — which is located only six miles from our church. We also have a sister church relationship with the Taba Parish in Kigeme,

In Worship (Clergy led with lay assistance), we are looking for a Rector who can help us to:

• Sense the presence of the Lord and the working of the Holy Spirit during weekly worship
• Design worship services that fit mature Christians yet which also welcome the unchurched and others unfamiliar with the Anglican expression of worship
• Encounter the grace of God, deepen personal spiritual growth, and find our places in Kingdom service through Biblical, relevant, and practical preaching and teaching
• Pursue excellence and cultural diversity in our music ministry, which blends traditional and contemporary music, to glorify God and to draw in new, younger members of diverse ethnicities and cultures

In Evangelism (Lay led with clergy assistance), we are looking for a Rector who can help us to:

• Reach our local community using Neighborhood Transformation/Community Health Evangelism, seeking to create disciples that create disciples
• Increase our focus outwardly and grow us as Everyday Missionaries, building on our existing local efforts of ASU outreach, Guadalupe community development, local school adoption, Camelot Village (community of our physical location) outreach, and Feed My Starving Children
• Explore other ways to grow the Kingdom of God in our community, seeking to leverage all avenues to expand our approach of cross cultural, relation based outreach currently being used in the town of Guadalupe
• Expand our fund raising that supports Evangelism to grow our impact on God’s Kingdom

In Discipleship (Clergy led with lay assistance), we are looking for a Rector who can help us to:

• Develop and transform the congregation as disciples of Jesus who will learn to disciple others in turn, both within and outside the church community to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)
• Mentor and develop the spiritual and practical leadership of the Vestry and Ministry Directors
• Strengthen and practice spiritual disciplines as tools to support the creation of disciples, including Bible studies and personal prayer as regular part of our daily lives
• Explore programs such as Cursillo and Alpha, perhaps with other churches, that help us to deepen and share our faith in Jesus Christ
• Create sacred space and provide guiding adults who, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, assist Children to learn the language of God and to experience God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit so that they
“approach God with freedom and confidence”(Ephesians 3:12)
• Encourage and support the discipleship of the teenagers in the congregation through age-appropriate education, small-group activities, and worship experiences

In Fellowship (Lay led with clergy assistance), we are looking for a Rector who can help us to:

• Welcome, encourage, and care for those who come to Living Faith
• Support vibrant community and personal prayer in many formats
• Expand small group ministries that encourage our relationship with God and with each other on a personal level
• Grow and strengthen our Wednesday night program of fellowship, music, prayer, and study for all ages

In Administration (Clergy led with lay assistance), we are looking for a Rector who can help us to:

• Hire staff and enlist volunteers wisely to maintain clear and competent management of Church resources.
• Utilize the organizational and administrative skills necessary to coordinate the productive and efficient daily operation of the Church
• Ensure excellent and timely communication between Church staff and the various ministries and Church members
• Encourage visionary strategies to grow the Church’s financial resources, develop responsible annual operational and ministerial budgets, and take an active role in the ongoing stewardship of the Church resources
• Increase financial stability, growth, and accountability